• Key Theme Features

    • Simple & Effective Design focused on Small Business website & marketing
    • Use photos & videos with this highly usable theme for better customer engagement
    • 3 column home page design & 2 column inner template design
    • Completely customizable from the Product Theme Option page
    • Add different banners on the fly to different pages & posts for effective marketing
    • 2 unique page designs – both capable of being used to sell
    • 1 special template for an effective online shop
    • 1 special template that can work as a search landing page as well as a retailing page
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    • Service: service@mediacubs.com
    • Phone: +1 (650) 260-8755
  • About Creative Business Theme Design

    Product Marketing Sales Theme is a Creative Marketing & Advertising Wordpress Business Theme that delivers Effective Wordpress Themes for Small Business.

    Creative Theme Design designs Creative Marketing & Advertising Wordpress Business Theme that delivers Effective Wordpress Themes for Small Business.

    Our Popular Business Themes include the Wordpress Marketing Themes, Wordpress Advertising Themes, Wordpress Coupons Themes, Wordpress Magazine Style Themes, Wordpress MLM Themes & Wordpress Freelancing Themes.

Product Marketing Sales Theme

A Creative Wordpress Business Theme that can be used to build brands, market products, sell from your website & run cost effective search campaigns with additional on-the-fly banners for better conversions.

A very flexible Wordpress Business Theme that can be adapted for an online retail website as well as for marketing & corporate branding.

Wordpress Product Marketing Sales Theme

The WordPress Product Marketing & Sales Theme is one of the most creative WordPress Marketing Themes created for small business owners, MLM Businesses, online affiliate marketers and for retailers who want an online shop.

The WordPress Product Marketing Theme is Effective, Efficient, Easy to Use & very Profitable. All you need to do is to download the theme, configure it from the Theme Option panel & start marketing your business.

This Marketing Theme is also great for corporate business websites. The professional design could help you make over your online brand & soft promote your products & services. In addition, this Product Marketing Theme will also allow you to sell your products online, instantly turning your website into an online shop.

Unlike the traditional Shopping & Marketing sites, the New Creative Design of the Product Marketing Theme lets you make the most of all digital media available to you. Grow your business in both tradition ways by signing up new leads, generating repeat business from existing customers with integrated email marketing as well as Promoting & Marketing your business with multiple banners.

The Product Marketing Theme is so flexible & so powerful that you can add individual promotional banners on the fly to promote & sell. In addition, this theme has been streamlined for efficiency, making it easy for your customers to buy right off your website.

Run Search Campaigns, Funnel Conversions & Marketing Promotions

The Product Marketing Theme comes with built in templates that help you to run search campaigns easily. These unique templates lets you funnel conversions easily much like stand-alone landing pages. The Product Marketing Theme also helps your run your marketing promotions in over drive, using all possible real estate of your website to drive customers to specific product & sales pages.

Turn Your Marketing Website into an Online Shop

The Product Marketing & Sales Theme doubles up as an e-commerce shopping theme & will help you sell right off the website. The design is tested for usability & is optimized to make it easy for your customers to buy easily from your website. The location of Buy Now buttons are strategic that reduces the number of clicks to get to the payment page!

Features of the WordPress Product Marketing Theme

  • professionally designed WordPress designs for a corporate business website
  • multiple purpose design to work as a business website, a marketing website as well as an online shop
  • 3 column home page design & 2 column inner template design
  • completely customizable from the Product Theme Option page
  • each post and each page can be customized on the fly and does not require any programming or editing templates
  • ample opportunity to display banners that are specific to the post or the page
  • 2 unique page designs – both capable of being used to sell
  • one special template for an effective online shop
  • one special template that can work as a search landing page as well as a retailing page
  • multiple opportunities to improve website SEO
  • the theme does not conflict with any known plugins on wordpress.org
  • the theme is very flexible and can be customized easily to suit your business needs & style

This unique and multi function WordPress Product Marketing Theme can be used by search marketers for search marketing landing pages, it can be used by affiliate marketers to funnel their sales, it can be used as is by online retailers as a shopping website.

See a Live Demo of the Product Sales & Marketing WordPress Theme

Nothing helps like a live demo. Now you can see the Product Marketing & Sales WordPress Marketing Theme in action & in minutes you will see how effective this will be for all your online marketing business, save you marketing expense, make your search campaigns more effective & sell right from your website!

The demo contains sample posts & pages as well as additional information on using the theme to make your online marketing, affiliate marketing & simple blogging business so profitable. Note how the top banners are specific to each page, how the different templates could be used to maximize conversions & how your customers can easily buy from your website.

The Creative Marketing Design lets you adopt the Product Marketing WordPress Theme for a wide set of niche marketing websites. The design is innovative & packed with simple features that make your marketing efforts effective. The Business Product Sales & Marketing Theme is completely widgetized & comes with all the files that you may require in case you want to customize the Marketing Theme further for your business.

Business Product Marketing Theme

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In our offer, you get Extremely Effective Business Product Marketing & Sales WordPress Themes for just $ 19.95. The bargain is simply Unbeatable! And best of all, this Marketing WordPress Theme has proven extremely effective for hundreds of affiliate bloggers, affiliate marketers, MLM marketers whose main source of earning is online blogging & affiliate marketing!

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What Our Customers Have to Say About WP Product Marketing Theme

Kristin Gray – Electrical Services Business Owner

We have been running our family Service Business for over 20 years. With the growth of our business, we expanded into retailing products along with our services. We needed a single design to consolidate our company website with our sales & services business.

The Product Marketing Theme fitted our needs perfectly. It helped us save a lot of money on combining multiple websites into one. It also helped us upsell products & services thus increasing our online business by leaps & bounds.

Marcus Doitt – Online Jewelry Shop Owner

When decided to expand our business online, we spent a lot of money with fancy website designers to create a unique design for us. We had a pretty website but it did not help us build our brand or help us grow.

We researched online & discussed our business needs with the team at Creative Theme Design & very soon we found that the Product Marketing Theme met all our needs. With very simple customization, as simple as replacing some images, we could get our website up & running very quickly.

We also increased our visitor sign-up rates & started driving huge website traffic to specific jewelry product pages that we were promoting from time to time with header banners. The Product marketing & Sales Theme helped us with our objectives of strengthening our brand online & grow our sales.

Deb Ingles – Online PR Business Manager

Online Public Relations & Syndicated Marketing Business is very competitive & requires every ounce of efficiency from all aspects of the website – from the website design, each image on the website, the copy content & each & every banner that we show.

We realized the extreme potential of the Product Marketing Theme immediately after we started playing with it. We also requested additional customization services to help us quickly get the website up in a way that would help us serve our customers more efficiently.

Gunther Duke – Online Marketer & Affiliate Business Owner

With the Product Marketing Theme, I can now use a single website to market products, sell from special built in download templates (created specifically for affiliate marketing sales) & run search marketing more efficiently with the special search marketing templates.

I do not know programming but I know internet marketing. I could make this Product Marketing design work 10 times harder for me & help me not only save money in marketing by using internal banners but also get more sales & more email subscribers.

The Product Marketing Theme is a great all-round design for WordPress marketing & business websites.

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